Terms of transactions with cretanphysis.gr

Return Policy

Cretanphysis.gr supporting e-Commerce enables you, through the completeness of the descriptions it posts on its pages, to enjoy the privilege of direct contact with the products available on your computer screen quickly and easily.
Wanting to highlight the benefits of using the internet in our daily markets below we list the terms and conditions for returning defective or non-defective products.

Returns / Cancellations

Returns are accepted only:

1.- After contacting us within 14 days from the receipt of the product and its notification to us or by phone 2831071950 it is at the e-mail: sales@cretanphysis.gr
2.- The product must be accompanied by the original sales document.
3.- When the product is in its original condition, its packaging has not been opened and it has not been used, with all its accessories, the accompanying forms and its packaging in excellent condition. The return of the item is accepted only if the buyer has first paid any amount charged by the company for the shipment of the item to him and the shipping costs for the return of the item. Otherwise, we have the right not to accept the return and the product will be returned back to the customer-sender at his own expense.
4.- In case of withdrawal of the buyer for the purchase of the product, he must return it within 14 days of receipt and the costs are borne by him. If the product is in excellent condition and without defects, then the customer / sender has the right to receive the money paid for the purchase of the product.
5.- If the product shows a defect within 14 days of receipt, the customer must notify us immediately, so that he is entitled to repair or replace it with another same product of equal value or in case of unavailability with another new one. product of similar quality and price and not a refund. In this case, the return of the product will be done with the shipping company that cooperates with our company and the customer is not charged for the shipping provided that the return of the product will be done within the above period of 14 days from its receipt. If the return is made within 15-30 days from the date of receipt, then the shipping costs are borne by the customer.
6.- If the product has been sold with a gift, then it must be returned with the gift.

Shipping Methods / Shipping Costs


-Cretanphysis can serve customers from all over Greece. – Shipments are made by ELTA courier and ACS and are free for purchases over 29.00 euros.

-If purchases are below 29.00 euros, shipping costs are borne by the customer. -If the customer wishes to cooperate with another transport company than the one we cooperate with, he must notify us in time by ordering either by phone at 22831071950 or by e-mail: sales@cretanphysis.gr. In this case, the shipping costs are borne by him.

-Orders, if the products are available, are sent within 3 working days.

-For orders within Crete / Rethymnon, the products are sent within 24 hours.

-In case the order cannot be executed due to force majeure (eg strikes, weather conditions, pandemic situation, etc.), then we will contact you, either by phone or by e-mail.

-The products, which are marked “upon order”, need up to 15 working days to be delivered.

-In inaccessible areas, shipments are made through the Hellenic Post (ELTA) and the delivery time is determined by ELTA

– Shipments are not made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Β. Outside Greece

Shipping costs for abroad are calculated per order, depending on the country of destination and the total weight of the order. Ownership of the product is transferred to the buyer after its full and complete payment, while the risk is transferred upon delivery. The goods travel on behalf of the customer.


Α. From the website www.cretanphysis.com where there is the order form and place them in your shopping cart.
Β. At e-mail: sales@cretanphysis.gr
Γ. By phone, calling us at 2831071950 from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m.-4: 00 p.m.
D. Passing by the cretanphysis store from Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m.-17: 00 p.m. and Saturday 9:00 a.m.-15: 00 pm NOTE:

Once you place your order on the website or e-mail, within the day, you will receive confirmation of the products you ordered in your e-mail. In case one of the products you have chosen for your order is not available, then we will contact you either by e-mail or by the phones you have stated to us. If, again, it is not possible to contact you within 7 days of your order, then your request is canceled and you must send us a new order.

Payment Methods

1. COD:

-in all Greece payment in cash, at the time of delivery by courier service. Prerequisite for the delivery of the order is the previous payment of this cost and any shipping costs and cash on delivery costs. Deliveries are not made on weekends and holidays.


(including agreed shipping costs)

  • Piraeus Bank


Account: 6453-148138-385

IBAN GR2801714530006453148138385


IBAN GR8901409380938002002000589

The order will be placed as soon as we receive the proof of deposit from the bank or in the e-mail e-mail: sales@cretanphysis.gr


-easy shopping online, without having to enter your card details on our website. (to get a paypal account, visit paypal.com)


-taking all security measures to protect your online transactions

Contracts and Orders

Invoicing-Shipping Costs

The selling prices of products in Euros listed on the Website of cretanphysis.com are valid at the time of placing the order by the buyer, including VAT and any other taxes. The selling prices of the products can be modified at any time by cretanphysis with a relevant announcement on the website before the pricing of the product. The buyer will be notified by personal message of any changes before ordering. These prices do not include shipping costs, which are additionally invoiced at the price of the products purchased. Ordering products automatically implies an obligation to pay the amount of the order on behalf of the Consumer. The products are priced at the amount of their value at the time of submission of the order by the consumer. The availability of the products is notified to the buyer at the time of placing the order with a personal message, which the buyer is asked to confirm. If the information comes directly from our suppliers, changes or errors may occur from time to time. In any case and in the possibility of total or partial unavailability of products after an order, the customer will be informed by phone to the contact phone he stated during registration or via personal message in his e-mail contact, for the products that are without stock and regarding the partial or total cancellation of his order and the cancellation of the possible corresponding charge.


Each order signifies the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the acceptance of the General Terms of Use of the Website, Personal Data / Privacy and Use of Cookies without any reservation regarding these terms and any special agreements between the parties. The correction of possible errors in the order is the responsibility of the buyer. Once the buyer confirms his order by clicking on the “Completion” icon (bottom right of “order”), he is considered to be aware and has fully and unreservedly understood the applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sale, prices, suggested time and delivery costs for the volume and quantities as well as the products offered for sale and purchase by the buyer. The completion of the product ordering process implies an obligation to pay the cost of the order by the Consumer / customer. The sale is completed when the buyer places the order. Cretanphysis will confirm the order by sending an email to the buyer’s email address. Cretanphysis reserves the right to cancel or suspend the entire order or delivery, whatever its nature and level of execution, in case of non-payment or partial payment of any amount owed by the buyer, in case of fraud during the payment or in the event of fraud or attempted fraud while using the cretanphysis.com page. All orders, including taxes and mandatory contributions, are payable in Euro. Any overdue unpaid amount will bear interest on the legal arrears immediately after the late payment.

Warranty / Liability


All products sold on the website are free from any legal or factual defects. Products that may be modified, repaired, installed or added by the purchaser are excluded from this warranty. The warranty does not apply to worn or damaged products resulting from shipment or due to improper and improper use. The guarantee is provided for a limited period of time which is stated in the detailed characteristics of the product. After the end of this period or the repair, the replacement of the products is possible with an additional charge upon a new agreement with the customer.

Liability-Legal capacity

Before placing the order, the buyer declares that he has the full legal capacity that allows him to contract in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Cretanphysis may not assume any responsibility for verifying the legal capacity of its visitors or purchasers. Consequently, if a person does not have the legal capacity to order products from the cretanphysis Website, his legal assistants (parents, guardians) will take responsibility for this order and especially its repayment.

Limitation of Liability

cretanphysis shall not be liable for any loss or delay if its non-compliance is due to force majeure events, ie events which do not fall within the will and control of cretanphysis and could not have been foreseen, such as defined by Greek law. The information provided by this website is provided as is and without warranties of any kind, express or implied, in particular as to its accuracy, completeness or timeliness, non-infringement, availability, the reliability of the information provided, the products, accessories or services displayed on the cretanphysis Website or the suitability of the applications that the buyer assumes. Cretanphysis cannot be held responsible for the products that will be sold through its Website especially if there is no compliance with their instructions for use. Cretanphysis liability will not apply to claims made by the buyer or a third party incompatible with the terms of compliance.

Partial Validity / Waiver /

In the event that one or more of these General Terms is in any way in whole or in part void under applicable law, then the affected terms or parts thereof are not valid as an integral part of the contract and the remaining terms are normally valid between the parties . These General Terms and Conditions are deemed essential by the parties and they accept their faithful observance and waive their right to challenge any of them.