These 2 Cretan Physis products is all you need to renew and rebuild your skin after summer

Προϊόντα CretanPhysis

In a way, “September” means reset. Reset on habits, reset on some daily decisions that will allow us to maintain throughout the seasons all those little things that made us smile during vacation days, promises that we will try our best to take care of ourselves by choosing a healthier nutrition and lifestyle and that we will not skip a skincare day or step. Even if it’s 5 in the morning and all we want to do is sleep with our makeup one. September also means that we decide which are our go-to skincare products and which go out of our essentials bag. Which ones worked for us, and which didn’t. But this September is somehow special because Cretan Physis adds to new products on that “go-to” list. Two products created with love and passion, made with pure, natural materials from the Greek land.

Cretan Physis, the shop that women of Greece have loved and trusted deeply because of all those goodies that it delivers from our desktop to our doors (even if our door is in the edge of the earth), releases two products, with its label, for the very first time. With extra care, but mainly with raw, natural ingredients from Creta. A day cream and rebuilding serum are being released, with the signature of Cretan Physis, to find their spot in our everyday essentials and into our everyday skincare routine.

After sun exposure, after all those lazy skincare days and all those cocktails in the sand, skin craves on thing: hydration and rebuilding. No, you don’t need to book a botox appointment, nor spend your money on some super expensive treatment that some influencer talked about on a random Instagram story. Most of the times, the most suitable solution is the simplest, and it’s called “natural ingredients”. Long story short, the solution is waiting for you in Cretan Physis, on some of the products that have already won you trust and on some that you’ll have to try for the first time. You know the procedure by heart: you will choose them, order them and you will find them at your door within only a few days. With free shipment over 29 euros. Simply, quickly but mainly, effectively.

If now you feel that your skin is “dull”, dehydrated, and all those cute freckles that the sun gave you have finally developed into melasma, there is no need to panic. All you actually need is something drastic to hydrate and renew your skin, to leave behind all the micro-damages that have been caused by the sun.

The following two new Cretan Physis products are exactly what your skin needs right now.

Cretan Physis Rebuilding Serum

The rebuilding serum hydrates and revitalizes your skin. Make sure you apply it on your skin before your day cream. With its active ingredients, it restores the youthful appearance of the skin, without leaving traces of oiliness. It contains pomegranate juice and snail secretion. They are rich in antioxidants and activate the production of elastin and collagen, which decreases over the years. The powerful regenerative action of this serum helps you say goodbye to those fine lines, discoloration, dark spots (let’s call them a holiday gift), while healing acne scars. This saves you from layering many (unnecessary) products on your skin. You apply it morning and night, after cleansing and before your moisturizer.

Day cream with Royal Jelly Cretan Physis

What you really ask from a good moisturizer, is to lock in all that moisture. That’s exactly what Cretan Physis day cream with royal jelly promises. It moisturizes and brightens the skin, delaying the signs of aging and protecting against the effects of free radicals. Also, in combination with the serum, it works wonders with the discolorations and fine lines. Royal jelly in not a super food only for your immune system. It also shields the skin from all the harmful effects of sun radiation. The dewy finish after applying will convince you for the rest. Extra bonus: it’s the perfect base for you foundation before you start applying your makeup.